Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tiny Tidings XXII---The Stripes

Another year and another cute set of the Tinies!  I just love the happy little guys.  This year they are all dressed up in stripes.

First step...pick a stripe....any stripe will work.  Here are a few of our contenders. 

We decided on the little stripes but all looked great.

Measure your stitching and add 3/8'inch to the width.  To decide on the length audition your stripes and trim and measure how much you want showing....measure and that will be your length.
Cut two pieces of comic or mat board for your front and back.  Fluff one side of each
Cover one with your stitching...make sure to center it and leave same margin at the top. 

Add stripes and any trim wanted to the bottom....just wrap it where you want it to be.  A tiny bit of glue will help you keep it in place....no globby glue!

Wraps it to the back and check that everything is nice and straight.  Cover the back with the stripes too!

Add a hanging loop...twisted cord or whatever you like.

Now sew front and back together....leaving 1/2 inch open at the bottom for cord tucking.  

Dress up the outside edge with cord...use colors from your fabric...and glue or sew in place.

Add a bit of ribbon and you are ready to celebrate!



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