Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Wedge with a Surprise Inside!

Our next project has a wee bit of sewing...but not a lot!  First step gather your pieces.

Please take your dot covered back bottom unit and label the parts...the fluffed larger piece is the back and the narrower piece without fluff is the bottom.

Take the extra piece that has fluff on it and trim fluff flush with the edges.

 Center your completed stitching and attach it to the board.  And sew it to the edge of the bottom piece.  Leave a small 1/2 inch opening a little right to the left corner...the piece of tape will help you remember to leave the area unsewn.

Flip it over to the backside and center the ribbon along the middle of the entire length.  Glue and tape it securely. Especially at the ends.  

Cover the backside with the red felt.  Center it to the edges and start it flush with one end.  Trim the opposite edge.  

Flip it back over to the right side. Use a magic stitch to poke one end of the trim into the unsewn opening.  Couch trim along the outside edges returning back to the opening.  Tape cord leaving about one inch cord....trim and poke the end into the same opening.

Trie ribbon ends together into a bow.  If the ribbon has a gap at the top slip stitch it to the top fabric edge.  Remember you have until September 15 to enter my "tricked out" inside contest!  

Another finish!  

This weekend I will begin our Thursday projects!


  1. I love the idea of having felt on the inside! Thanks for the tutorial :)

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