Monday, March 11, 2013

Box Ornament--Ho Ho Ho

1.  Measure length and width of completed stitching--add 3/8 inch to each measurement.

2.  Cut two pieces of chip board using these measurements--one will used for the stitching and one for the back of the box.  Cover one side of each with low loft quilt batting.  Center stitching on the front and cover the back with coordinating cotton fabric.

3.  Cut side pieces same length as the front and 1.25 inches wide--cut two.  Cut top and bottom pieces same width as the front and 1.25 inches wide--cut two.  You should have two sides, one top and one bottom.  Tape outside pieces together in this order side-top-side-bottom. 

4.  Cut fabric 1 inch wider and longer than the taped together outside pieces.  Glue fabric edges to the back of the unit.  Miter corners to keep the bulk away from the edges.

5.  Glue rick rack on top of fabric. 

6.  Bring ends of the outside unit together and slip stitch the fabric ends together--catch just the fabric not the chip board.

7.  Use a couple of pins to position the back on top of the outside unit...slip stitch back to the edge of the unit...again just catching the fabric not the chip board.

8.  Repeat process with the front--leave 3/4 inch un-stitched in the lower left edge.  You will use the opening to insert the twisted cord ends.

9.  Use fabric glue to attach twisted cord around the front of the box.  Use a skewer to help open up the hole and poke the cord end into the opening.  Glue in a clockwise direction returning to the opening.  Let glue dry completely before  slipping in the cord end.

10.  Attach bow to top of the ornament with hot glue....yeah two done and only 10 more to go!!!

The Wedge—Endless Possibilities

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