Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tiny Tidings XXII---The Stripes

Another year and another cute set of the Tinies!  I just love the happy little guys.  This year they are all dressed up in stripes.

First step...pick a stripe....any stripe will work.  Here are a few of our contenders. 

We decided on the little stripes but all looked great.

Measure your stitching and add 3/8'inch to the width.  To decide on the length audition your stripes and trim and measure how much you want showing....measure and that will be your length.
Cut two pieces of comic or mat board for your front and back.  Fluff one side of each
Cover one with your stitching...make sure to center it and leave same margin at the top. 

Add stripes and any trim wanted to the bottom....just wrap it where you want it to be.  A tiny bit of glue will help you keep it in place....no globby glue!

Wraps it to the back and check that everything is nice and straight.  Cover the back with the stripes too!

Add a hanging loop...twisted cord or whatever you like.

Now sew front and back together....leaving 1/2 inch open at the bottom for cord tucking.  

Dress up the outside edge with cord...use colors from your fabric...and glue or sew in place.

Add a bit of ribbon and you are ready to celebrate!


Monday, August 14, 2017

The Needlework Tray

I am so excited about this technique...it just makes me smile every time I look at it.  It is not hard just a little fiddley. 

First measure the area inside the back stitching line

Cut a piece of comic board to fit inside....fluff one side.

Next measure out 1.5 inches on all sides

Trim linen.  Turn edges back one half inch.
 Miter the corners.

Tack down the corners.

Once the front is sized and pressed.  Interface the backing fabric and make it the same size as a the linen.

Cut four pieces of the comic board for the outside edges.  They are a scant one inch.  Slip them along side of the center fluffed piece.  If they are slipping around a thin dab of glue along the folded edge will keep it in place.  There should be a little space....for stitching...between the pieces.

Place wrong sides together and stitch along th edges

Slip stitch the outside edges leaving a small opening for cord tucking

Couch on the cording and tack the corners....I did mine a 1/8 inch to the outside the sewing lines.  

Just a happy little thing but hey, we need happy in our lives.  We had so much fun this year I can wait to see what Cathy and Linda will present next year!  Make plans now!!!  If there is a special technique you would like for me to cover next year just let me know.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thursday's Littles

These are three of our Thursday littles

They are just fun littles for your stitching necessities--fob, scissor board and floss tag.
First we will review the fob.

Trim 1/2 inch from back stitched line and fold back...miter corners and attach ribbon loop to the top center.

Sew front to back...wrong sides together by joining the back stitches....start on the top and go around the outside.  After you have most of it joined stuff with fluff, crushed walnut shells or a quarter wrapped in quilt batting....lots of options.  Beads are added every thing stitch.

Cute little fob for your favorite scissors.

Next is the scissor board

Cover each board with fabric

Stitch is center on the bottom of one piece...I folded the top edge of mine twice about eight threads each time to achieve a clean edge.  To keep it in place I did a running back stitch

Stitching is wrapped around one piece trim out fabric on bottom edge

Leave small opening at the bottom for cord tucking.

Sew around outside edge then couch in the fluffy cording.

Tuck in your scissors...ready to travel!

Floss ring

Use your same fold, glue and tape techniques....the only thing to remember is to make sure all fabric edges are securely glued/taped at the top.  The ring will not slide smoothly if there is any loose edges to catch.

First step is to cut four shapes 

Glue two together....two sets of two

Cover one with fabric...sides first

Then top and bottom

Now fold on the slanted sides...nice and tight.

Make them secure!...no loose edges

Then repeat with linen.

Again..no loose edges

Sew outside straight edges...slanted sides are not sewn together...the book ring goes there.  Leave small opening at the bottom for cord tucking.

Couch on cording and slip ring thru the opening at the top.  Add your project threads and you are ready for your next project.

This evening I will post our main Thursday project...the tray!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Wedge with a Surprise Inside!

Our next project has a wee bit of sewing...but not a lot!  First step gather your pieces.

Please take your dot covered back bottom unit and label the parts...the fluffed larger piece is the back and the narrower piece without fluff is the bottom.

Take the extra piece that has fluff on it and trim fluff flush with the edges.

 Center your completed stitching and attach it to the board.  And sew it to the edge of the bottom piece.  Leave a small 1/2 inch opening a little right to the left corner...the piece of tape will help you remember to leave the area unsewn.

Flip it over to the backside and center the ribbon along the middle of the entire length.  Glue and tape it securely. Especially at the ends.  

Cover the backside with the red felt.  Center it to the edges and start it flush with one end.  Trim the opposite edge.  

Flip it back over to the right side. Use a magic stitch to poke one end of the trim into the unsewn opening.  Couch trim along the outside edges returning back to the opening.  Tape cord leaving about one inch cord....trim and poke the end into the same opening.

Trie ribbon ends together into a bow.  If the ribbon has a gap at the top slip stitch it to the top fabric edge.  Remember you have until September 15 to enter my "tricked out" inside contest!  

Another finish!  

This weekend I will begin our Thursday projects!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Easiest of Easels

Another great totally no sew technique!  Gather your supplies

Take the two iunfluffed pieces of board and tape the long sides together.

Tape should look like a capital "I"

Cover the unit with the green fabric.  Tape side of the unit is up!  Fold in your corners to get the fullness away from the edges.  Then center the black ribbon on one end and securely glue and tape in place.

Next comes the felt liner....important...the end without the ribbon will not be glued down!!  
Center felt side to side and flush with ribbon end

Once felt is in trim the felt flush with the edge of unribboned end.

Trim. Measure ribbon about twin inches away from the edge of the unit.  Place a pin to mark.  Trim ribbon out about 1.5 inches. Glue top and bottom of the ribbon end up to the pin.  Fold unit in half and insert ribbon between felt and covered board.  Make sure it is centered with ribbon from other side.  

Use a clip to get a good bond.

Use fluffed board and center your stitching on it.  Then edge it with the gold ric rak.  Center it on top of one side and place a book on top while glue dries.

Legs are beaded pins...slip into the mat board edges.  Use another beaded pin to keep your fluffed bow in place.

Ta da!!!

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