Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thursday's Littles

These are three of our Thursday littles

They are just fun littles for your stitching necessities--fob, scissor board and floss tag.
First we will review the fob.

Trim 1/2 inch from back stitched line and fold back...miter corners and attach ribbon loop to the top center.

Sew front to back...wrong sides together by joining the back stitches....start on the top and go around the outside.  After you have most of it joined stuff with fluff, crushed walnut shells or a quarter wrapped in quilt batting....lots of options.  Beads are added every thing stitch.

Cute little fob for your favorite scissors.

Next is the scissor board

Cover each board with fabric

Stitch is center on the bottom of one piece...I folded the top edge of mine twice about eight threads each time to achieve a clean edge.  To keep it in place I did a running back stitch

Stitching is wrapped around one piece trim out fabric on bottom edge

Leave small opening at the bottom for cord tucking.

Sew around outside edge then couch in the fluffy cording.

Tuck in your scissors...ready to travel!

Floss ring

Use your same fold, glue and tape techniques....the only thing to remember is to make sure all fabric edges are securely glued/taped at the top.  The ring will not slide smoothly if there is any loose edges to catch.

First step is to cut four shapes 

Glue two together....two sets of two

Cover one with fabric...sides first

Then top and bottom

Now fold on the slanted sides...nice and tight.

Make them secure! loose edges

Then repeat with linen. loose edges

Sew outside straight edges...slanted sides are not sewn together...the book ring goes there.  Leave small opening at the bottom for cord tucking.

Couch on cording and slip ring thru the opening at the top.  Add your project threads and you are ready for your next project.

This evening I will post our main Thursday project...the tray!


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