Sunday, August 5, 2018

Bag It...

Cute little bag made of felt....easy to do and fun to decorate.

Your bag items include a sheet of directions, felt, button, pearl cotton, and beads.

Before you start anything make a copy of the directions...then you will have an intact one for your collection.

Cut out the flap detail and pin it securely to one end of the felt. Position it right on the edge.

Sharp scissor make easy work of this.  I like the pointed ones from Hobby Lobby.  Notice they have the dreaded "DO NOT USE" ribbon on the handle for all unsuspecting visitors...ha!

Center snowflake is drawn out for  you....if you want you can sew right thru the paper.  I broke up the long stitches into smaller ones so they wouldn't gap.  I took my first try at this out NUMEROUS times as they were wonky.  Don't stress...every snowflake is different.  I got the snowflake idea off of Pinterest.  They have several examples.  Just wing it and add lots of beads to cover any oops.

Use some "sloppy" x's across the edge of the flap to keep everything in place.  Then measure down according to the directions to mark the bottom of the bag.  I like to do all the stitching and beading before sewing the bag will thank me!

Now for the corner details....a few straight stitches and a couple of lazy daisy stitches or whatever you want your snowflake to look like....after I did mine I decided it looked more like a plant than a flake....go figure!

Mount your stitching on the comic board and trim the outside edge with rick rack.  Embellish ever so often with a can attach it with small stitches before you sew the outside edges together or do like I did and glue it on afterwards.

Blanket stitch along the outside edge...or do a running stitch, or do some x's...or whatever floats your boat.

Pop the stitching on the bag and you have a cute bag for a special gift for a special person.  Or fill it up with winter greenery and sit where you can enjoy it.  This technique was inspired by the absolutely beautiful felt work done by Snowberry....check out her blog or Facebook will absolutely fall in love with felt.

Enjoy and I will hopefully post a couple more techniques this next week.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

“Wooden” it be lovely!

Hubby found a dead trim and sawed it was headed for the burn pile but I had idea...and the rest is history!

This is an easy way to show off your seasonal stitching...and those series.  Easy to pop off and on.

These are the pieces and parts of the project.  Two chipboards "fluffed".  One will be covered in cotton fabric to coordinate with the stitching and the other piece will have the stitching mounted on it.  We also have Lady Dot's wonderful chenille trim and a raffia bow for the top.....and the wood slice for the base.

Mount your stitching on the form.  You can lace or glue it, your choice.  Leave about 1.75 inch opening center bottom in order to slip onto the base and a smaller opening about .5 inch for cord hiding.

Now for the "unloved" portion of this front (stitching) to the back (fabric) pieces together leaving the appropriate areas un-sewn.

The cording is laid along the sewn edge and attached with a whip stitch....don't stress as you will tighten your stitches and the thread will bury itself within the chenille.  To start tuck one end into the opening left for the cord and go all the way around the piece catching a little of the fabric on top of the seam.  Along the larger opening...catch only the linen...otherwise you will sew up the opening.

Now the final touches....see, I told you this was easy.  Bow, pin it in place.  That way it is easy to remove for storage and slip it on the finish nails.  If you have a rough area on the nails put a piece of tape for smooth placement.  If you have trough take a chopstick and open up the opening....teach it to open up wide....and smile!

Wow...I have a post and pictures.  This is a big win for me.  I will post another project tomorrow and hopefully this will get easier.  M

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Wedge—Endless Possibilities

Please note....this is a mess....Blogger is blocking my pictures...please hang in there as I try and get this resolved.  If you can help please feel free to contact me.

Recently at camp we finished one project into a is the process.

Three pieces of mat board, front, back and bottom

Cover one side of front and back pieces with low loft batting these are the two larger rectangles.  The smaller one is the bottom and does not get batting.

Mount stitching on padded front.  Don’t you love my stitched piece....after all this all about the finishing...ha!

Tape the back and bottom pieces together and cover with coordinating fabric

After backing fabric is all glued and taped sew the front to the top of the back/bottom unit

Mark sure the bottom....the smaller, unfluffed piece is at the bottom or your front might end up upside down...horrors!!

Leave about 1/2 inch opening about one inside from the upper left hand corner.

Cover inside with felt...glue each section and let dry before proceeding.

Swing the two ends around and sew them together.

Insert cording into the opening and glue or stitch in place.  Fluff your bow and attach it to the upper left corner.

This hopefully can be amended to add the pictures but right now that isn't possible.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tiny Tidings XXII---The Stripes

Another year and another cute set of the Tinies!  I just love the happy little guys.  This year they are all dressed up in stripes.

First step...pick a stripe....any stripe will work.  Here are a few of our contenders. 

We decided on the little stripes but all looked great.

Measure your stitching and add 3/8'inch to the width.  To decide on the length audition your stripes and trim and measure how much you want showing....measure and that will be your length.
Cut two pieces of comic or mat board for your front and back.  Fluff one side of each
Cover one with your stitching...make sure to center it and leave same margin at the top. 

Add stripes and any trim wanted to the bottom....just wrap it where you want it to be.  A tiny bit of glue will help you keep it in globby glue!

Wraps it to the back and check that everything is nice and straight.  Cover the back with the stripes too!

Add a hanging loop...twisted cord or whatever you like.

Now sew front and back together....leaving 1/2 inch open at the bottom for cord tucking.  

Dress up the outside edge with cord...use colors from your fabric...and glue or sew in place.

Add a bit of ribbon and you are ready to celebrate!


Monday, August 14, 2017

The Needlework Tray

I am so excited about this just makes me smile every time I look at it.  It is not hard just a little fiddley. 

First measure the area inside the back stitching line

Cut a piece of comic board to fit inside....fluff one side.

Next measure out 1.5 inches on all sides

Trim linen.  Turn edges back one half inch.
 Miter the corners.

Tack down the corners.

Once the front is sized and pressed.  Interface the backing fabric and make it the same size as a the linen.

Cut four pieces of the comic board for the outside edges.  They are a scant one inch.  Slip them along side of the center fluffed piece.  If they are slipping around a thin dab of glue along the folded edge will keep it in place.  There should be a little space....for stitching...between the pieces.

Place wrong sides together and stitch along th edges

Slip stitch the outside edges leaving a small opening for cord tucking

Couch on the cording and tack the corners....I did mine a 1/8 inch to the outside the sewing lines.  

Just a happy little thing but hey, we need happy in our lives.  We had so much fun this year I can wait to see what Cathy and Linda will present next year!  Make plans now!!!  If there is a special technique you would like for me to cover next year just let me know.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thursday's Littles

These are three of our Thursday littles

They are just fun littles for your stitching necessities--fob, scissor board and floss tag.
First we will review the fob.

Trim 1/2 inch from back stitched line and fold back...miter corners and attach ribbon loop to the top center.

Sew front to back...wrong sides together by joining the back stitches....start on the top and go around the outside.  After you have most of it joined stuff with fluff, crushed walnut shells or a quarter wrapped in quilt batting....lots of options.  Beads are added every thing stitch.

Cute little fob for your favorite scissors.

Next is the scissor board

Cover each board with fabric

Stitch is center on the bottom of one piece...I folded the top edge of mine twice about eight threads each time to achieve a clean edge.  To keep it in place I did a running back stitch

Stitching is wrapped around one piece trim out fabric on bottom edge

Leave small opening at the bottom for cord tucking.

Sew around outside edge then couch in the fluffy cording.

Tuck in your scissors...ready to travel!

Floss ring

Use your same fold, glue and tape techniques....the only thing to remember is to make sure all fabric edges are securely glued/taped at the top.  The ring will not slide smoothly if there is any loose edges to catch.

First step is to cut four shapes 

Glue two together....two sets of two

Cover one with fabric...sides first

Then top and bottom

Now fold on the slanted sides...nice and tight.

Make them secure! loose edges

Then repeat with linen. loose edges

Sew outside straight edges...slanted sides are not sewn together...the book ring goes there.  Leave small opening at the bottom for cord tucking.

Couch on cording and slip ring thru the opening at the top.  Add your project threads and you are ready for your next project.

This evening I will post our main Thursday project...the tray!

Bag It...

Cute little bag made of felt....easy to do and fun to decorate. Your bag items include a sheet of directions, felt, button, pearl cotton, ...