Monday, August 14, 2017

The Needlework Tray

I am so excited about this just makes me smile every time I look at it.  It is not hard just a little fiddley. 

First measure the area inside the back stitching line

Cut a piece of comic board to fit inside....fluff one side.

Next measure out 1.5 inches on all sides

Trim linen.  Turn edges back one half inch.
 Miter the corners.

Tack down the corners.

Once the front is sized and pressed.  Interface the backing fabric and make it the same size as a the linen.

Cut four pieces of the comic board for the outside edges.  They are a scant one inch.  Slip them along side of the center fluffed piece.  If they are slipping around a thin dab of glue along the folded edge will keep it in place.  There should be a little space....for stitching...between the pieces.

Place wrong sides together and stitch along th edges

Slip stitch the outside edges leaving a small opening for cord tucking

Couch on the cording and tack the corners....I did mine a 1/8 inch to the outside the sewing lines.  

Just a happy little thing but hey, we need happy in our lives.  We had so much fun this year I can wait to see what Cathy and Linda will present next year!  Make plans now!!!  If there is a special technique you would like for me to cover next year just let me know.


  1. Thank you so much Mona for the tutorials. They are so usefull, clever and always very beautiful!!
    XxX Hetti

  2. I really like you post,Thanks for your sharing.


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