Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally a post!

Oklahoma...where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains...

Sorry about the long absence but we have had a really hectic spring.  Things are getting back to normal for my family...and we are very thankful.

Now back to our regularly scheduled finishing....!!!

I collect snowmen so this has to be my favorite Jingle....and since he is my favorite I am now going to let you in on a secret.  One of my favorite finishing tools is the PRINTER!!!  I absolutely can not live without my printer when making ornaments.  It is great to make a few copies of the completed stitching and "audition" different shapes and techniques. 

Using your copy measure and decide how big to make your triangle.  I left about 1/8 inch at the top and bottom and just "connected the dots".  After you are happy with the results use the printer copy as a template to cut the chipboard.  Slightly round the corners so they don't poke thru the linen.

Cover front side of the chipboard with low loft quilt batting and trim flush with the outside edges.

Center and attach the linen to the the corners first.  It is really helpful on triangles.  Glue and tape all sides.

I used mini ball trim around the outside edge of the front.  You can glue...messy but doable or slip stitch trim in place. 

Make a hanger with a 4 inch length of twisted cord.  Fold in half and tape/glue to center top of the backside of the triangle.

Glue/slipstitch onto a piece of Weeks Dye Work wool or felt.  Trim leaving about 1/4 inch on all three sides.  I used my rotary is wonderful but pinking shears will work also.  Make sure to fold hanging loop out of the way when trimming the top edge...I DO speak from experience!

Add a bow and trim with a tiny jingle bell...glue or stitch in place at the end of the triangle.

Linda has announced the release of the next three Jingles....I will try and "fast track' the next two in this set.  I really appreciate all the kind comments.

Happy Finishing,

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