Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tiny Tidings...the Woolies

This year's Tiny Tidings are super cute and super easy to finish!  You will need some
Low loft batting
Weeks Wool...make it easy and buy the pre packaged set!!!!!
Rotary cutter
Decorative blade..I used the wave blade. Ric rac blade is great too

The only hard part of this technique is deciding on colors and patterns of the wool....all are perfect!

Measure the stitching width and height add 1/4 inch to each measurement..this will give you 1/8th inch on each side...that is perfect.  Cut chipboard and cover one side with low loft quilt batting.  Glue or lace stitching to the board

It is so cute.

Decide on the first layer of wool and glue stitching to it.  

Using the clear quilt ruler measure out 1/8 inch from edge of ornament and trim wool on all four sides with rotary cutter.

Decisions....second layer of wool....this time glue only sides and bottom...leave top edge unglued

Again...measure out 1/8th inch from edge of last layer of wool and rotary cut.

Fold ribbon hanger in half .... Add a bell for fun and center it top center between the two layers of wool...glue in place and finish gluing the top area closed!

How cute!  Look for the Weeks Dye Works Wool Packs....all the decisions are made for you!

Have fun and be careful with your rotary cutters...they are sharp!

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