Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Will the Witch please Stand Up!

Items you must search for:
Pelion Craft Fuse
Morning Glory fiber fill

Use the Craft Fuse to interface the back of the stitched witch and the backing fabric.

Trim the linen leaving 1 inch on top and sides....leave one 1.5 inches on the bottom.

After cutting fold stitching in half and round off the top.

Layer stitching and backing fabric Wong sides together and sew the sides and top together...leaving a hole at top for your twig "stem".  Do not sew the bottom!

Clip the outer fabric for a nice rounded seam.

Turn right side out and slip your stem into place....then stuff the inside very, very, very, tightly

Really tightly

Then place the stuffed pumpkin on a piece of paper and trace the outline of the open bottom.  

The using the tracing cut a couple of the patterns from mat board...glue them together then cover one side with backing fabric.

Pin in place and slip stitch it in place...leave one half inch un-sewn at both side seams.

If you need a little more stuffing...slip it in before the final few stitches are completed
Slip in the twisted cord into one of the openings left at the side seams

Glue cording along the seam.  When you get to the opposite side stop and let it completely dry.  Then glue it around the bottom....again let it completely dry

After it is dry slip end into the seam opening.

Your witch should be standing tall and proud!  

Job well done!!!  She is ready to gather treats!

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