Monday, December 9, 2013

Put a Little Love In Your Life...

Another quick technique....any flat trim will work. I used gimp but rick rack or lace would work also.

Measure 1/4  inch out from the right side of the stitched design and glue or slip stitch trim in place.  Make sure to add about an extra inch of trim to the top and bottom for finishing

Measure stitched design and add 1/4 inch to all sides. My ornament measured 3.5 by 3. Cut two pieces from chipboard and cover one side of each with batting. 

Stitching will be centered on one piece and backing fabric on the other.

Use cord or ribbon for hanger and secure it to top center.  Slip stitch front to back leaving about half an inch open at center top.  Use skewer to poke cording into opening you left at top of ornament.

Glue or slip stitch trim around edge of ornament.  Let dry before tucking in end of trim...remember to tape before cutting end of trim.

It is dry, tucked and looking great.  

Meet me here on Thursday for out next  ornament...Let it Snow...yes, I am aware I skipped Silent Night...I am waiting on green buttons...

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