Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer event....recap

Over the next few days I will post the major projects we covered in our finishing classes.  This is in case you dozed off during your sauna session...😴😴😴

Tonight's will be the pincushion box.  Take out your kit.

Trim the fluff flush with the edge of the piece and center the stitching on it.  If you used the glue, oouch and tape method the back will look like this

The front will look like this

Take the little lamb and match it up to one end of the long leaf covered section.  Sew pieces together catching fabric not cardboard.
When finished repeat with other side

Next cover one of the smaller rectangles with the smaller brown fabric piece and sew it to the bottom of the box.

Now for the pincushion...not hard just fiddley.  You will need a handful of fiberfill, glue and tape. 

 Glue and tape one long edge of the fabric along one long side of the cardboard. Then place the fiberfill between the cardboard and fabric...bring the other long side around and glue/tape leave room for the fluff.

Decide if you need to add more fluff then fold ends down like wrapping a package.

Pop this on top of the box and slip stitch in will have to feel for the edge of the board to make everything nice and neat.  I tacked my mite red corners down.

Now couch the jute around the front and tie a pretty bow....if you aren't pleased with the stitching along the top edge you have plenty of jute to cover it also.

Stay tuned for the easel....


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