Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cruise Pyn Pillow

Gather together your pillow supplies

First thing we will do is interface the back of the stitching...trim it to fit inside the back stitching.  Use a thick towel on your ironing board so you won't flatten your stitches.  

Trim linen 14 threads (1/2 inch) on all four sides.

Trim is centered between the top and bottom stitched areas.  There is no right or wrong top so sew it the way you want.  I just took a few stitches along the lacy areas to keep it in place.  Then sew the buttons along the trim....of if you found lace and or buttons on our trip you would rather it!

Fold back the edges where the back stitching is on top of the fold on all four sides. Miter corners--I like to tack the folds and baste down the edges.  I find it makes sewing the linen to the backing easier.

Now place the linen right side up on the wool backing.  Start sewing about 3/4 inch from the bottom right corner.  Backing will be larger than the stitching.  Align the bottom and right hand side.

Sew using green thread.  Pick up the back stitching and catch enough of the wool to make a good connection...about 1/8 inch from the cut edge of the wool.  Continue until you make it to the top of the right side....then trim wool to match top and left side of the linen...finish stitching around the outside edges leaving about two inches unsewn at the bottom.

Use the bottom opening to "LIGHTLY" stuff the pillow.  Do not put too much pressure on the outside seam.  After corners and body is stuffed finish sewing up the bottom seam....but...leave about 1/4 inch open.  This opening will be where you start and stop your chenille trim.

Place one end of the trim in the hole...I like to use a wooden skewer to poke it in....and couch the trim around the edge using matching thread.  

When trim is sewn around...use the same back stitching to anchor your stitches...cut the trim leaving about one inch and use the skewer to poke it into the opening.

Once everything is done you can use a needle to fluff up the trim if it has been trapped by the crouching....another easy fun away to finish smalls!!

I loved our cruise projects and can't wait to see what Jeannette comes up for our Amsterdam Adventure!!  I'm already counting the days.


  1. Very sweet! Thanks for the tutorial!

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