Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lizzie*Kate Noel

Here is Linda's second Christmas pillow.  This one comes with the cute Santa needle Nannie....isn't he just darling???

Now that you have done the hard part...stitching, let's do the easy part finishing!

Interface the back of the stitching and both fabrics.  Now cut the linen leave one inch on top, bottom and right side.  Trim left side to 3/4 inch.

Baste Rick rack to the right side.

Sew the green star fabric strip along this same side.  Adjust your seam allowance so the hills of the trim are showing.

Trim green stars flush with the top and bottom of the linen. Then trim the width to 2.5 inches.

Now cut a 3 inch strip of the beautiful red snowflake fabric.  Make sure to cut along the 8.5 edge.  Strip should measure 8.5 by 3 inches.  Sew this to the bottom using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  

Now take the remaining snowflakes and use it for the backing.  Linen and snow are wrong sides together and sew using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Leave three inch opening at bottom for turning.  Trim corners turn and stuff.  Tie your bow and attach it with a couple of stitches or carefully placed glue.  

You are ready for the holidays...!


  1. Love your finishing! They look wonderful. Thanks for all the hints and tips.

  2. Thanks for sharing your finishing techniques! Look forward to seeing more finishing info.

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  4. Love your instructions. Thank you.


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