Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deck The Halls--Mini Banner

Supplies needed:
Straight Pins
Twisted Cord
Pinking Shears/Rotary Cutter
Fabric Glue

1.  Measure finished stitching...add 3/8 inch to width and length.  Use these measurements to cut a piece of chipboard.   

2. Center Stitching over the can use some straight pins to keep in centered.

3.  Wrap the extra side fabric to the center back of the chipboard.  You want it to match up in the center of the back.  Trim excess fabric.  The ends can be join with needle and thread using a whip stitch or glue. 

4.  Top will be folded to the back.  I like to cut some of the fullness out of the back fabric so it will lay flatter.  Again whip stitch or glue to back.

5.  Decide how long you want your fringe to be...mine was 1/2 inch.  Use the bottom edge of the chipboard to be your signal as to where to stop want the same about of fabric at the top and bottom of the piece. 

6.  Place your fringed ornament on top of the felt.  Decide how much felt you want to show and trim the edges.  You can glue the stitching to the felt or ship stitch it with matching thread. 

7.  Hanger is made with two color twisted cord.  Knot and fringe cut ends...again glue or stitch in place. did it....only eleven more to go. 

The plan is to blog a set of finishing directions every couple of weeks.

Happy Finishing,


  1. Great instructions! Thanks for doing this! One tiny request....can you let us know which pattern/design will be next so "I" can have it stitched and ready? LOL! Thanks again :)

  2. Thanks Mona! I went to a SN retreat in 2007 and you taught us how to finish our stitching as flat folds and pinkeeps and I've been using those techniques ever since!

  3. Yvonne, I will be going in numerical order...Noel will be next.

    Lee, thanks for the kind words.

  4. Thanks Mona! I didn't realize they had a number since I got all three at one time - LOL! So, I'm happy to report, I'm stitched and ready!

  5. Very nice finishing idea and nice, clear directions! Thanks Mona!


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