Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Wedge—Endless Possibilities

Please note....this is a mess....Blogger is blocking my pictures...please hang in there as I try and get this resolved.  If you can help please feel free to contact me.

Recently at camp we finished one project into a wedge....here is the process.

Three pieces of mat board, front, back and bottom

Cover one side of front and back pieces with low loft batting these are the two larger rectangles.  The smaller one is the bottom and does not get batting.

Mount stitching on padded front.  Don’t you love my stitched piece....after all this all about the finishing...ha!

Tape the back and bottom pieces together and cover with coordinating fabric

After backing fabric is all glued and taped sew the front to the top of the back/bottom unit

Mark sure the bottom....the smaller, unfluffed piece is at the bottom or your front might end up upside down...horrors!!

Leave about 1/2 inch opening about one inside from the upper left hand corner.

Cover inside with felt...glue each section and let dry before proceeding.

Swing the two ends around and sew them together.

Insert cording into the opening and glue or stitch in place.  Fluff your bow and attach it to the upper left corner.

This hopefully can be amended to add the pictures but right now that isn't possible.


  1. Darn! The pictures don't show up for me!

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  3. What a fab idea and ribbon comes in so many colors, textures, styles, sizes - the sky is the limit in making your own grosgrain Ribbon journal! thanks for the tute and inspiration!


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