Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Put a Sock on it....The Mantle!

This is that exciting time of year...the push to find the perfect someone to finish a Christmas stocking.  That perfect someone can be YOU.

Here are a few simple steps to make a lovely stocking for your mantle.  This tutorial is especially geared for stockings without cutting guides.  

I like to interface the fabrics...stitching and linen.  I use a medium weight fusible interfacing on aida cloth.  

Now the shape...you can make a photo copy and practice on it until you get the desired shape or use an air erasable fabric marker.  That is what I us.  Decide who much fabric you want to show and mark the sides and bottom seam lines.  

Now for the tricky curves..use a circle template, roll of tape or eyeball what you want.  Remember you haven't cut anything so it can be changed. 

Once you are sure cut out the stocking....make sure to add the seam allowance!!!

Now use the front to cut out the lining....same size.  

Sew front of stocking to the backing fabric.  Right sides together....using the seam allowance you added!  Remember I said it was very important.

Trim backing flush with the front of stocking...clip seams around the curves.

Sew the lining...use same seam allowance as the stocking.  No need to turn right side out.  Just iron seam open at the top and turn down the same amount as the stocking top.

Slip lining inside stocking....use your favorite cording to cover the outside seam and form the hanger.

Hope Santa fills them with wonderful goodies!

The Pocket

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